Legacy Instructor Program

Rogers Family ATA Martial Arts is a member of the American Taekwondo Association (www.ATAOnline.com), the world’s largest martial arts instruction organization. All of our staff are members of ATA’s Legacy Instructor Program; all of our instructional staff have been certified within ATA’s International Certification process to at least Level 1 Certified Trainer.  All adult staff members have undergone a background check and training in and agreement to ATA’s Youth Protection Policies; in addition, we have completed SafeSport Training via the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

The Legacy Instructor Program is for those students who want to take their martial arts leadership a step further, and learn how to formally teach other students.  These students will learn ATA teaching methodology and pedagogy, as well as all the color belt forms and kicks. This program provides an employment path for teaching in any ATA school, either part time or as a full time career.  Once they reach an appropriate level of skill, knowledge and age, they can test to become a Certified Trainer, Specialty Trainer, or Certified Instructor.

Legacy Instructor students are also in the Leadership program, and so are eligible to compete in the State, District, and World Championship programs; adult Legacy students must pass a background check prior to acceptance.