Basic Program

Rogers Family ATA Martial Arts is a member of the American Taekwondo Association (, the world’s largest martial arts instruction organization. All of our staff are members of ATA’s Legacy Instructor Program; all of our instructional staff have been certified within ATA’s International Certification process to at least Level 1 Certified Trainer.  All adult staff members have undergone a background check and training in and agreement to ATA’s Youth Protection Policies; in addition, we have completed SafeSport Training via the U.S. Center for SafeSport.

Once the student has earned the recommended orange belt rank, they move to more advanced classes, and work on additional kicks, strikes, blocks, and stances, developing into more complex and challenging forms. The class continues to develop non-contact sparring techniques, and students now have the opportunity to train in contact sparring as well (wearing full safety gear); students must begin contact sparring as a camouflage belt. At that point board breaking is also added to the testing criteria.  Students can advance as far as 3rd Degree Black Belt within the Basic Program; generally, the path to 1st Degree Black Belt takes between 2 and 3 ½ years to accomplish.

Each two-month session focuses on ½ of a Poom-sae, or form, and generally testing is for a half-rank change (e.g., from Yellow Recommended to Yellow Decided; from Camouflage Decided to Green Recommended)  Students have the option to learn the entire form each session, and earn the opportunity to advance a full rank.

Students in the Basic Program obtain Internationally recognized Certificates of rank from ATA, and may participate in ATA regional, national, and world tournaments, seminars, and other events.

Students with orange to green belts train in the Beginning/Intermediate class; students who are purple belt and above train in the Advanced/Black Belt class. Both sets of students may take a sparring class as well.