Join the Pink Belt Revolution!

Wishing for Mommy exists as a grant-based initiative to fund the wishes that children have for their mommies or other relatives who are diagnosed or recently recovering from breast cancer. We have found that most of the time, a child may feel unable to help out in this difficult time since they are ‘just a kid.’ With a check, Wishing for Mommy will help turn that around and empower the child to be able to feel like an integral part of their relative’s happiness. Children by themselves or with an adult assistant may apply for a Wishing for Mommy grant by downloading an application and mailing it in.

Click the button to view a printable grant application (6 pages)

Help support the Pink Belt Revolution! You can buy a pink camo belt here online! When you pick it up at one of Rogers Family ATA’s locations, you’ll be given a certificate good for TWO WEEKS of free martial arts classes!